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Amanda Maynard, Professional and Personal Development Coach/Trainer

Amanda Maynard Amanda is a professional and personal development coach who works with business owners, professionals and individuals helping them re-discover and re-ignite their passion for life. She is owner of Energy Works, a local stress management/wellness company. Amanda offers clients personal and group coaching, workshops and insightful healing. She helps others create new vision, leading to an overall improvement in business, relationships and well-being.

Originally from Newfoundland, Amanda spent ten years in British Columbia. While there she apprenticed with highly successful US business owner, coach, trainer and writer, Richard Bliss Brooke in her quest to learn how to connect people with their gifts. Amanda also studied healing modalities Therapeutic Touch and Reiki and incorporates her knowledge of energy and self-healing in her coaching work.


“Amanda has an exceptional ability to put people at ease and to create a comfort zone in which “coaching” takes the shape of a very meaningful conversation with just the right mix of introspection and laughter. With her help, I was able to look deep inside and make decisions that I’m confident will work not just for the day but for my life.”

Gina Pecore, ABC
Consultant & Facilitator
Pecora Communications & Training Inc.
Creator of MYX Meeting Centres

“I want to compliment you on your planning and people skills. You are so comfortable to be around and seem to have a true interest in helping others. No wonder you are a Life Coach!”
Bonnie Cook
AbbyShot Clothiers

With Amanda’s coaching I was able to clearly see my next move in my career. As I was making my move into the unknown I felt safer knowing I had Amanda’s expertise to guide me. As a result of Amanda’s coaching I was able to uncover a pattern I was letting go of and come to peace with that. Now, I am making enormous strides in my self esteem and I am extremely grateful for that! Amanda is a gift in my life! I encourage you to take on Amanda as you take on this exciting journey!

Patricia Hartery
St. John’s, NL

“In business and in life, if you are fortunate, you will meet people with exceptional integrity. Rarely will you meet someone with exceptional integrity and insight. With Amanda’s help I have been able to re-focus my energies to work towards my true goals and ambitions for my company”

Perry Giles
Marquee Inc.

Working with Amanda inspires me. She does not push or make leading suggestions. Amanda?s way is to unravel the answers we already have in our heads and hearts. I don?t need to speak to Amanda every day like she is some sort of spiritual Svengali. Rather, I work with Amanda in the times in my life that I know I am ready for change and would like some loving coaching in getting there.

I have become more self-expressed, and feel the weight of the lump in my tummy is gone and my gifts are available to me in this space where I need them and can use them the most.

Thank you for having those important cleansing conversations with me on the table. The mental blocks manifested in my body and I had the chance to examine them and heal them with you. Thank you so much for doing your life?s purpose, helping others to understand theirs.

Miriam MacLeod

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