I like to hang out on Facebook scanning the feed and lurking in groups to see what people are talking about. In the groups, I see two main types of posts: promos and requests for help.

Today I happened to see a post in which a woman was asking for guidance about figuring out how she could use her skills and experience to start an online business.

She started by saying that she had a lot of experience but didn’t feel qualified to teach it.

She said that the work she was trained in was too difficult to continue, because she moved with her family a lot.
She knew the audience she would love to serve, but she did not think they would “buy” anything so that would not work.

She had all the “can’t”s down pat.

I offered to talk with her over the phone to help her sort it out. I didn’t mention fees or signing up for anything. I just mentioned she would private message me if she was interested.

Her response, of course was, “Thanks for your offer, I will keep it in mind.” In other words, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

The situation made me chuckle.

On the other hand two women who had seen my message to the woman mentioned above messaged me to ask if I could talk with them. I responded to each of them by providing a link to my calendar. One booked an appointment to chat with me, and the other didn’t.

Here’s the thing:

As soon as you ask for help, it is offered to you in one form or another. Click To Tweet

However, many of us put up blocks against the exact thing we are asking for help with. We have set parameters in our heads of what the help needs to be.

Where have you been asking for help? What parameters have you set for it? Is it possible that the help could show up in a completely different way but still be helpful – perhaps even more helpful?

Think about a time in the past when you wished that you had something. Would you ask for something different now? Would you do something different now? Would you add this or something more? Why not? The Universe is abundant and has many more ways to provide for our wants and needs than we can imagine.

Back to the example of the women who did book a call with me. Guess what? She also had lots of stories of why she couldn’t do what she wanted to do. But she was open to figuring out how she could. Now she’s on fire, with focus and activity to build the business of her dreams.