How to Go from Feeling Overworked to Hardly Working - Amanda Maynard
How often do talk about what we’re doing in the terms of whether we’re “working hard?”

A colleague of mine recently posted to a group and mentioned working hard. It made me stop and think about – how often I say that to myself or others.

In a coaching situation, I would have quickly picked up on the language and made a comment.

Recently, I’ve noticed a related message that I repeat a lot, usually in reference to having to do something repeatedly, misplacing something, or experiencing a technical glitch.

“Why is everything so $#%ing hard?!?”

But I know. I know that my thoughts cause the repeating pattern, making things hard for me or overwhelming me.

And I still get caught in the trap.

So how do you go from being overworked to hardly working?
I know without exception that the moment I shift into a spirit-centered thought, 'hard' becomes 'easy'. Click To Tweet

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have to put work and effort into our dreams and goals. It just means that when we work toward them, when we take action from a place of faith, what we need shows up.

Action is the signal that we are ready and willing to do what needs to be done in order to make a dream a reality. Everything is so so so much easier when we hand the “how” over to a higher power. It doesn’t matter what language you use to describe that higher power. All paths lead to the one source.

What does matter is that you trust that source to have your back and lead the way for you.