Is This Something You're Struggling With? - Amanda Maynard

We all move through various stages of well-being and balance throughout our lives.  The people around us – or the lack of them – indicate which stage we are in at any given time.

  • Are you surrounded by positive people who are happy with their lives?
  • Are the people around you movers and shakers full of positive energy?
  • Have they stagnated?
  • Are they tired and unhappy with their lives, but lacking the energy to make changes?
  • Do they take responsibility for their experiences or blame others?
  • Are they negative and complaining or positive and upbeat?
By the very nature of the universe, we attract what we are. Click To Tweet

Now, I know that this concept can be hard for someone in a stagnant or negative space to accept. Nonetheless, it’s true. The people around us are mirrors of our own thinking and energy.

Think for a moment about someone or something that really irritates you.

What is it about them?

Now, look at your own life and ask yourself when you acted the same way that person does. When may you have caused someone to feel the same way about you?

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll answer the question quite quickly. But then your ego may jump in and try to justify your past actions. Nevertheless, the actions were yours.

Now, forgive yourself.

Once you’ve forgiven yourself the actions of others cannot irritate you.

When we judge others, we are judging ourselves and finding ourselves wanting. Not good enough.

As long as you are not good enough, you cannot love yourself.

When you start to love yourself you change your vibration and your life starts to move in a powerful, positive direction.

When you resist what you detest, you increase the frequency of its appearance in your life.

Awareness is power: the power to see clearly and the power to change. Click To Tweet

As you change, you’ll notice a change in the way you see the people around you. How you communicate with them will come from a place of knowing your own spirit. You’ll be surprised at who appears differently to you and who moves out of your life. When you don’t judge, everything will flow as it is supposed to. You will attract people and experiences that reinforce and test your new awareness of yourself.

When you face a test, just remember – that’s what it is. It’s as real as you make it. Focus on your new way of seeing your life and actions. The test has only the power you give it to interrupt your flow of well-being.

Take baby steps; give yourself credit each time you are able to stop yourself from judging.

If you find yourself judging, interrupt the thought, ask yourself why you are judging, and forgive yourself. Make any necessary to yourself, but then move on.

Life is a blessing. Love yourself as the God of your heart loves you – unconditionally.