Stop Hiding, Start Talking... Networking Made Easy - Amanda Maynard

For some entrepreneurs, especially introverts, networking
is one of the most terrifying concepts in business. It may be the one thing
you have been desperately avoiding, even though you know you absolutely
have to do it to be successful.

Well, that is about to change.

I’m here to show you that networking is actually super easy and super fun
if you know how to do it right.

In fact, you can network right from your couch, in your pyjamas,
and still meet amazing people, make incredible connections, and
find new customers for your business.

Here are 5 super easy steps
to help you start networking:

1 – Look Professional

I know what you are thinking; didn’t I just say you could do this
from your couch in your jammies?

Yes, I did, but you still have to have a professional persona online. That
means having a professional Facebook and LinkedIn account,
with a clear, professional photo.

If you have a webcam screenshot or a picture of your pet, potential
clients and networking contacts are not going to take you seriously.

2. Be Intentional

  • What is your business about?
  • What is your passion?
  • Who do you want to
    connect with and why?

Being clear on these questions will make finding the right people to connect
with easy.

By setting an intention, you will be able to actively find and attract
the kind of people you are actually interested in meeting.

3. Find a Networking Community

Think about where the people you want to meet hang out online, go there,
and introduce yourself. For example, I love meeting entrepreneurs, so I use Facebook
Groups to find communities that are all about building businesses.
By sharing stories, opinions, and asking and answering questions, you can connect with
some incredible people

4. Don’t Sell Out—Reach Out

The easiest way to scare off a fellow entrepreneur that could help you in your business is by trying to
sell them something. Instead, start a conversation with someone and ask them to join you on Skype
for a cup of virtual tea.

If they agree, set a time, and remember, NO SELLING.
Just talk!

Ask them about their day, their family, their pets, their hobbies, anything! Taking time to get to know
someone is always worthwhile, regardless of your networking goals.

5. Find Your Tribe

Finding your biz besties, cheerleaders, and people who will kick you in the ass (when you need it of course),
will take some time. But, with a solid network like this, pushing you to crush all of your business goals,
you will have no choice but to succeed.

Connecting people with exactly who they need to grow their business is my superpower. That is why
I have started my very own tribe, the TeaVolution Network.

If you want to find out more about connecting with a tribe that totally ‘gets’ you, and will help you succeed
in business, come on over to the TeaVolution Network.