No, I don’t do fortune telling.
Yes, I see way more than I say.
I am not all knowing and all seeing.


If you are meant to hear it from me I don’t hold back – trust me.

Yes, it’s on all the time and it’s noise playing in the background
a radio on low.

Occasionally it gets loud and pushy like the Emergency Alerts on TV.


Truthfully I have found that most people only think they
want to hear “truth” when what they really want is
for someone to validate their opinions.


They don’t want to take responsibility for their lives
and are looking for magic answers.


Which is why I don’t do fortune telling.


We’re each responsible for where we are in life and
how we handle all the ups and downs that come with it.


Life can be brutal and some just want meaning for it.
I can’t always give an answer as much as I would

love to take their pain away.

I can’t.

I have seen people who have suffered unimaginable loss and pain 
live with equal grace.

I have seen people who turn the most innocuous things into WW3.

We all have flaws. We all have turmoil.
We all have a gift to share with the world w
hether it be on a world stage or in our backyard feeding the birds.

Each action has a ripple effect on the world we live in.


Nothing is separate.


While it has been an honor to help those who have suffered the deepest losses
imaginable, grief is a journey. It’s not something any medium or kind words can
take away. Maybe temporarily they get a bit of relief.
The loved one will always be outside of physical reach;
There is no replacing that.


I can tell you they are at peace, they send you love and those who have hurt
us ask for forgiveness.


A few years ago I chose to focus my gifts on those who have intuitive gifts
to develop and entrepreneurs. That is the world I know best.


It is the world that makes my spirit soar and allows me to feel as if I am making
a positive impact on the world.


My gift helps them see their gift and place in the world and
what is possible for them.
I can’t wave a magic wand and do it for them.


They have to be ready and willing.


If you are ready to explore your gifts start here: