I Do Not Fear You Anymore - Amanda Maynard

I have been around the block a few times so to speak.

Change being constant and at times dramatic.

I haven’t always handled it well.
I have cried out in blame and condemnation.
Wallowed in a pity party of why me or why can’t I…

I even repeated the same experience over and over
just not willing to see the common theme.

I eventually learned but not without knocks bumps and bruises –
all I see now were self inflicted.

Leading me down a path I resisted and insisted was not for me.

So I embraced change, made it my friend.
We talked, we argued, I gave it the silent treatment.

It ruled anyway.

It still caught me by surprise.

However, I decided to let it lead me. I decided to trust it.
It stripped me bare, back to the studs.

Oddly it felt liberating.

New builders showed up to create the foundation of something
that is not quite clear to me yet.

Designers and craftspeople show up who have eyes to see a vision
that is still hidden behind my blindfold.

I feel as if I am standing still in the middle of a tornado of change.
All that was comfortable and familiar is being swept away.

I have a choice.

Do I revert to fear my familiar friend and hide?

Do I stand in faith knowing that I am prepared?
What is there left to fear? I have lived them all already.

Now I stand naked in the face of opportunity that I cannot see, feel or touch yet.

I do not fear you anymore.