I started this program a week past the official start so I am working at doing the work vs catching up.

My focus has been the daily reading of Scroll 1 from The Greatest Sales(wo)man by Og Mandino.

I am not perfect on the times as suggested. I don’t do a midday meal like they did in the day when the book was written and everyone ate at Noon.

Some days are harder to “make” myself do the readings, some days my brain thinks it’s stupid, or I am too busy, tired etc and some days like today I can feel the shifts by adding this one new habit to my daily routine.

Each reading I notice a different word or sentence catches my attention.
I keep track of each day I do the task in a little calendar page I printed out. This gives me a visual reminder that I have been keeping my word to myself.

Isn’t it funny how we keep our word to others more than we do ourselves?
It’s important we learn to prioritize our word to ourselves. That gives us more power to serve as and when needed.