Change - Amanda Maynard

Sometimes it’s slow and subtle and sometimes it’s fast and furious. Sometimes we embrace it and other times we resist.

Either way change is constant.

I’ll be honest, I have a tendency to resist change and letting go when it’s something I have put my heart and soul into.

Call it a flaw or my inner toddler throwing a tantrum the results are the same. Some part of me is ready but afraid of what may be on the other side. 

Ridiculous because it’s always been better on the other side, even if there are bumps and ruts on the path.

16 years ago I gave up my life in Victoria, BC, packed up a UHaul and moved back to Newfoundland & Labrador without a plan.

Within 6 months I was a full time entrepreneur. I had been a part-time entrepreneur for 20 years and I was embracing a dream. I was not sure where it was going to lead but knew I had to follow the path one step at a time. 

I was scared, unsure and felt alone. I did it anyway.

I turned something I had been doing as “just what I do” into a business – coaching entrepreneurs and those with a vision and gift who didn’t know “how to get from here to there.”

I loved it. I LOVE coaching. I loved seeing the light go on and confidence build. Equally my heart pained for those who could not quite see their light.

I also loved the business side of entrepreneurship. I say loved because the passion has diminished over the last few years and it was time to acknowledge a truth.

While I love coaching, I no longer love the business of coaching.

December I completed work with my last group, took some time to really feel into what I want and decided.

It’s time for a change. 

Here’s what I do know:

  • I’ve met the most amazing souls
  • I’ve laughed and cried, hugged and cheered
  • I’ve learned a lot and shared all I had to share
  • I’ve let go and reconnected
  • I’ve been hurt and I’ve been loved
  • I am glad I took the journey
  • I’m so grateful for all who took the journey with me
  • I no longer feel alone
  • I’ve had some amazing adventures along the way

I don’t know what the future looks like, I just know how I want to feel and that’s enough for today.

On to the next adventure!

Hugs & Laughter Always,