The Dark Side of Light Workers - Amanda Maynard

Let’s start with a basic truth. We are all duality and have light and dark sides. 

  • Left and right.
  • Up and down.
  • Day and night.
  • Negative and positive.
  • Half full or half empty.

For those on the spiritual path there seems to be core belief that dark is bad and needs to be eliminated, subdued, or hidden.

The challenge with that is that the darkness within has something to teach us.

Like night gives us rest, day gives us growth.

The more we believe that being Spiritual negates the darkness we miss the point of the darkness.

Darkness in itself is not evil or bad. It is our lack of awareness of our own behaviours that can result in evil or bad.

The less we are aware of our own behaviours/patterns the more we feed them. If you think by some chance that diving into light work somehow eliminates the darkness you are mistaken. 

As one of my original spiritual mentors said when I was young and naive, “now that you are on the path the darkness will bring its lessons faster and harder than those not on the path.

And it would come through those also on the spiritual path.

I thought she was senile.

I would learn quickly enough how much truth she tried to impart. How much pain she was trying to make me aware of in advance.

Pain because I was one of those on the light worker path who believed I had learned all about the dark side of people, and myself.

I was 19. Nearly 40 years later I am still learning how wrong I was back then.

I have since spent a lifetime working with others and on myself to learn how to recognize, work with and learn from our darkness.

Once you learn how to recognize your dark side temperaments and behaviours you have the tools to choose.

Until then you are blind and working on your default programming.

Here’s a little secret. If the “light” is blinding you from your darkness, it isn’t light.

Tell me what you think your Dark Side behaviour looks like?

Hugs & Laughter,